Storytelling & Collage Workshop

Narrative collage is a piece of fine art that tells a story. The story can be about a particular person, a memorable event or loss, a vision or dream, or even a chapter of your life. It is shaped by the particular images you choose to work with during the creative process. This workshop is an introduction to the basic techniques and tools used to make collage and mixed-media art. This course emphasizes working with text to explore personal narrative and storytelling. Students will design and create their own unique works of art on canvas using found materials and text they’ve generated. The focus will be on composition and pasting techniques, working in black and white versus color, and working with narrative in conjunction with image.


This workshop will be led by Dietlind Vander Schaaf. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of San Francisco.  She has exhibited her mixed media assemblage and paintings at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery, Markings Gallery, the York Art Association, and Trinket & Fern.  She teaches privately and through Maine College of Art’s Continuing Studies program, and has worked with individuals ranging from high school students to veterans.  Her focus on storytelling through image and condensed narrative is the result of her desire to take words out of their typical bound context and display them visually, where in their new form they might suggest different or multiple meanings.