About YES!

YES is a 10-day program designed for high-school aged Somali girls (all grade levels) from Portland. YES has three goals: first, we want to empower and inspire self-reflection. Second, we want to encourage intercultural dialogue. Last, we want to facilitate intergenerational communication. And we want to fulfil these goals while having fun! With that in mind…

Each day of YES will revolve around a different workshops. The workshops will generally be focused around arts, culture, and writing/reflection, but there is also an Islam workshop, a hijabi fashion design workshop, and a cooking workshop, among other fun activities. Each workshop will be led by a different member of the greater Portland community. Most of the workshop leaders are outside of the Somali community — Mainers, Swedes, Moroccans — in order to facilitate intercultural communication and allow Somalis and non-Somalis to collaborate on empowering, self-reflective, interculturally communicative arts and culture projects.

Outside of the workshop time, the girls participating in YES will have the opportunity to choose entertaining and fulfilling activities and field trips to fill the remaining hours of the day with laughter and learning. We look forward to the input of our participants in order to make YES the best fit for each unique group of girls.

Finally, every day there will be a halal catered lunch provided by Local Sprouts.

Our motto is create, connect, and inspire.

For more information about specific sessions, activities, and sign-up policies, click the links below:
• Session One
• Session Two
• Activities
• Drop-in Policy

We have 100 Projects for Peace to thank for their generous grant funds that make YES possible.

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